Growing up I had an absolute adoration for what all the older cooler kids wore. I wanted to look like them, talk like them, and be just like them. I always thought that the older kids were so cool with their nice brand name clothing and styled hair.

However I could never afford those luxuries and got my first job at 16 just so I could supply my fashion addiction. I worked night and day so I could afford all the clothing the so called cool kids wore. I even began modelling and doing runway shows so that I could know right away what was popular at the time.

At around age 21 it finally dawned on to me that spending thousands of dollars on clothing  was not worth the hassle of working 2 jobs and killing myself to look good. I wanted to look trendy, but do it on a budget. Not only that, but I began a fascination with fashion from around the world too, not just what was trending on the streets of New York. Places like Seoul, Tokyo, and Paris had fashion trends that were so unique I became immersed in that culture. So I began to change my perception to include new looks that you couldn’t find in the streets of Toronto and that were different from what was just popular.

Let me take you on a journey through the streetstyles of the world.



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