Paris Fashion Week


Fashion month has finally come to a close. We have seen some very interesting things this past month, and closing with Paris fashion week was perfection. It was a perfect wrap up to the intense month we had of fashion and trends. But as usual, here are my top three looks for Paris fashion week.


Pink was a popular colour this year. At Paris fashion week the popular one was magenta and deep fuchsia. The colour was seen in full outfits and worn as a bold piece in fabrics such as wool or leather. I personally could never pull off a leather magenta suit, but by all means, go crazy this spring.Chanel 2017.jpg

Bohemian Chic

Popular at Coachella and every Cali girl’s go to look, this will never go out of style. Everything from flower crowns, oversize knit sweaters, and chunky jewelry all have a special place in the hardcore vegan’s heart. Look as homely as possible because guess what? It’s in.balmain 2017.jpg

One Sleeve

Finally, we now have something to wear when you’re feeling warm but not too warm. You know what I mean?  Just free that arm and confuse your body temperature. Forget the winter’s cold shoulder top; it’s all about only sleeve this spring.2017.jpg

I have painstakingly watched every single fashion week and am now exhausted. I have seen quite a few repeat trends in the four weeks, such as yellow colors, pinks, asymmetrical lines etc. But the ones that I have highlighted were the ones that stood out for me. If you feel I have missed out on an important look for spring let me know in the comments!


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