Milan Fashion Week

A little late, but Milan fashion week happened and wow was all I could say. So girly and glamorous compared to the edginess and punk fashions we saw in New York and London. After losing my mind at the cute girly clothes I have finally rounded down to my top three looks at the show.

Blush Pink

This color is popular for Spring. Us millennials adore the color with a passion. Dusty roses and neutral pinks have always been my go to for not only lipstick, but ruffled shirts are very popular in this color. Not to bold, and very girly a blush pink shirt or even cardigan is perfect for your wardrobe.ermanno-scervino-spring-2017-collection-milan-fashion-week.jpg

Go Sports!

I had noticed this trend in Korea fashion a few years ago, its cute that it is being adopted now in mainstream fashion. Athletic gear worn casually makes quite the cute outfit, especially when it is paired correctly. A baseball tee with stripes is one of my closet favourites. Pair it with some high waist shorts and some sandals and you are good to go for the day.Gucci  Milan RTW Spring Summer 2017 September 2016

Pajama Stripes

Silky bedrooms stripes are now every day fashion. The blue and white shirt your dad wears to bed better be a staple in your closer now. You can have your cool cabana look to chill by the ocean in or to take a stroll in the city with. My personal favourite look would be with the striped shirt in some nice tight white pants or leggings. ermanno-scervino-spring-2017-collection-stripes

Thats what caught my eye during Milan Fashion week. What did you all enjoy or feel that I miss out on? Let me know below!


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