London Fashion Week

London is known to be bold and beautiful. It is grungy and very distinct from other styles as it creates an attitude. To me London fashion is an attitude; a way of life for the underground rocker. The edginess that London fashion brings is unparallel to other countries in the world. London Fashion Week brought out all the edginess this year and man, was it beautiful. The style really resonated with me personally as a lot of this can be street style. I will break down my three favourite looks of the show so that you can be as edgy as the runway of London Fashion week.


My favourite jacket in the world, the bomber jacket, was one of the hottest items in the show. The whole army look was a popular trend this year and I could not be happier. The edgy army greens, khakis, aviator glasses, and laced up combat boots (with heels of course. Gotta keep it classy),  were seen on the likes of Versace, and Mulberry. This year load up on the patchy army jackets which is a closet

Glittery Sequence

I saw quite a bit of glitter this year. Not only was it on dresses, but shoes, pants, jackets, you name it. If it was wearable, it was covered in glitter. Perhaps inspired by David Bowie and his infamous Ziggy Stardust, every outfit had a bit of glitter to add pizzazz. Army greens and Disco glitter. This year is gonna be a wild.more glitter.jpg

Floral Frocks

Ever popular and always stylish the flowered frock was seen quite a bit in the fashion show.  Bright and large prints on long and flowy dresses seemed be trending quite a bit. Its always been a staple for spring so it is no surprise that the flowers are back again for the season.floral spring 2017.jpg

Now the both London and New York are over, what were some looks that captured your attention? Let me know!


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