New York Fashion Week

With Spring comes new styles and new trends. New York fashion week just ended and all I can say is wow. While I prefer the looks of London and Paris, New York did an excellent job in keeping my attention. There were some highs, and some lows. I will summarize three of the easiest and most popular trends that I saw.


Punk Rock:leather-look

New York is known for its edginess in fashion and as one of the most popular hubs for rock music. Its no surprise that the fashion would be inspired by it as well. Leather, band shirts, punk spikes and leopard prints all seemed to be quite popular this spring. Street style is going to be hectic and bold this year.


lacoste-yellowEveryone seems to be loving this color. While I personally do not like the color on myself (just does not go with my skin tone) it seemed to be on every designer’s list as the go to color. Bright and refreshing, buy at least one color piece for your closet. And I’m talking all 50 shades of yellow, everything bright and mustard.









It seems this spring there are only patterns and colours I am just not a fan of. Stripes are in and making quite the statement! With bright colourful stripes on bleak colours you can find a fun dress for work or a cute skirt to pair with a solid color top on a night out. However you decide to wear it, throw some stripes on so people know that you are fashion forward.

This wraps up the three top looks I saw at New York Fashion week. These were what I noticed the most, and I’m sure others saw just as many! Let me know what your favourite was in the comments below!


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