Birthday Hurray!

My birthday is coming up and I will hit a quarter century. I wish I could say I have accomplished all my dreams but lets be realistic; I haven’t done everything that I wanted but I am pretty happy with my life so far. Today I wanted to celebrate with my favourite outfits of this past year regardless of season, colour, and trend. So please enjoy these outfits that I have collected over the year.

Winter 2016

I wore this outfit for my  boyfriend’s birthday a month ago. I adore it. Its simple yet made classy with a lace blazer. The thigh high socks has become a staple of my outfits; any time I want to wear a skirt or shorts in the fall or spring I always pair it with some thigh socks. Fun, bouncy, and totally me.img_2376

Summer 2016
img_1664I wore this outfit clubbing so many times that people now remember me for my asymmetrical skirts. I have pink, purple, black, and white. But my favourite is this purple skirt. The crop top is very famous in my closet as well. Bought it for $2 online and wore it with many different outfits. This outfit is so versatile that I am in love.

Winter 2016

I personally designed this outfit. Taking inspiration from traditional Indian style I wore this dress to my work Christmas party. I was Cinderella at the ball in this dress. Many people complimented me with it and I now wear it to many Indian parties as well.img_2294

What are your favourite styles of 2016? Let me know in the comments below!


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