Watch Stop

One of the main accessories that I always have on is a watch. There never goes a day when I am not wearing one, regardless of the look I have. Whether it is for work or for a casual day out, I will be rocking a watch. The main reason for this is because a watch is so timeless. I can comfortably accessorise it with anything and it never looks out of place. There are so many multiple styles and designs of watches that anyone can begin a collection and have it as a hobby. I would recommend that a person have at least 3 different watches that they can match with any type of outfit that the night calls for. Recently watches have exploded in day to day wear and there are just so many options that people can get confused. Fear not, as the Bollywood Barbie has selected three of the best companies that will work for any watch connoisseur in the making. These range in prices and style, so you can upgrade from a basic to premium by looking in these ranges.


img_2216These watches are new and innovative in the marketplace. The cool thing about MVMT watches is that there is no middle man; by that I mean that you cannot purchase them in any store. They are sold directly from their website and cannot be purchased anywhere else. What this does is lower the price substantially as compared with other companies sold in big stores. They are just as beautifully made and worth the money, which is far less than you would pay for a watch of equal make in a store. Elegantly hand crafted and stylized for you, these are perfect for anyone that wants a great watch at a budget price.

Ted Baker:

I am absolutely in love with this brand. Not just he watches, but overall style, look and price. It is in a mid range, so I would recommend saving just a little bit before making the purchase. Ted baker has a beautiful design that is custom made and exclusive to them. This design is what caught my eye as I am obsessed with bright colours and designs. The sleek flat look is also what got me as it is a skinny watch that I can accessorise with some bracelets and not make my arm look too heavy and overdone. A definite recommendation for women who still like to look girly here and there.IMG_2215.PNG


img_2218If you think you need to save for Ted Baker, you need to save even more for Movado. Ranging from $600 to over $1000 you pay a hefty price for these watches. But what you get for the price will make you feel like a total baller. Sleek minimalist design with their trademark diamond in the middle, they will catch anyone’s eye. They have an air of bourgeoisie to them that will make any watch fanatic turn heads. I recommend only wearing it either to work to impress your managers or out on a nice date as you don’t want to ruin this beauty.

Those are my top three to get you started on your very own watch collection. Is there a certain brand that you buy only? Let me know in the comments!


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