I love my accessories. One of the main accessories that a girl needs is a purse. Whether it’s a clutch, crossbody, or handbag, a woman should be carrying one at all times. Purses go in and out of style so much that you never know what is acceptable to wear. Not only that, but you have to make sure it matches your outfit as well. Not to mention the trends for Fall 2016 are quite wacky compared to the traditional stuff we’re used to. Here are three of the most popular street style purses that you will need to be perfectly accessorized this Fall/winter.


suede-fringe-accessories.jpgThe 70s are back and we are covered in fringe. From jackets to shoes, fringe seems to dominate on all articles of clothing. Accessories are no exception. Fringe can be added to clutches, satchels, backpacks, crossbodies, even wallets. Nothing is safe from the fringe trend. My recommendation is to get creative with the fringe and buy purse in multiple colors. Paired with a long dark coat, a bright red fringe clutch would look stunning and really grab the attention of the people around you.


Who would’ve thought fur would be such a big deal this fall/winter. It is no longer for the rich and elite, but a casual trend for anyone that wants to look classy. You can even pair a cute fur clutch with some jeans and a fuzzy sweater. It is all about presentation. You need to look put together and well dressed for this purse, even if its just on a casual outfit. My suggestion is to accessorize with some cute gold jewellery, especially if you choose to rock a beige colored purse.diy-fur-purse-3.jpg


m_56039f3344adba1aa9001bcd.jpgPossibly one of the most popular looks of the year, a bright bold purse with loud colors and heavy accents is the way to go. Hot pink purses that are usually covered in either some writing or mismatched punk pins are all the rage this year. The brighter the colour is, the more in style your outfit will look. Street style is constantly evolving and to be honest, is getting wackier by the year. So let loose and wear a bright green purse with a purple outfit and have fun looking like a unicorn. Fashion should be fun and you should have to be stuck in rigid colours. Go out and make a statement with this purse.

I love my bold statement purses to be big hand bags to catch the attention of those around me. How about everyone else? Let me know in the comments below!


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