OMG Shoes

One of the most difficult decisions in a woman’s day is trying to figure out the right shoe for the occasion and outfit. You can pick out the perfect outfit, but can easily destroy your look if you aren’t wearing the right shoe with it. It is like wearing an expensive ball gown and pairing it with a pair of sneakers; it just doesn’t flow. You want it to look good, but you also don’t want to look boring with a shoe either, such as only wearing black heels to every party. I have picked my top three shoes to wear this fall/winter season.

Over the Knee Boots:

img_3723I have been wearing these boots even before they became popular this season. They can take any outfit and go from bland to high fashion in seconds. Usually in neutral colours, over the knee boots look good with dresses, jeans, bomber jackets, even shorts. Not to mention they are total eye turners. Every time I wear these boots I get so many compliments as they are still relatively new to the Toronto scene. I purchased my first pair in 2014.

Backless Loafers:

loafer.jpgIt all began with Gucci unveiling the new concept and it just took off from there. It’s a trend that everyone is obsessing over and you will see nearly every girl wearing it with their raw cut jeans. The most important feature of this shoe is the versatility. It is a Monday to Friday shoe that you can wear to work, and then you can even wear it out to a party or bar as a nice comfy shoe. It can be matched with any outfit and still look classy and casual, a feature that I love in any outfit.

Kitten Heels:

kittenWhile this is not one of my most favourite trends of the Fall/winter season, girls everywhere are obsessing over this style of shoe. A short little heel accompanied usually with a pointy toe, this heel is great for the working woman without it being uncomfortable to wear all day. While I personally prefer a higher heel, this shoe is perfect to wear at work and on a night out. I recommend buying a few of these heels in multiple colours as well. Think of them as a pair of ballerina flats; they are comfy, and interchangeable. They will still make your legs look good too with that little inch of height you will get wearing them.

These are the shoes that are popular right now, but to be honest nothing beats the comfort of a pair of running shoes or some fuzzy slippers at the end of a long hard day. My personal favourite shoes are my thigh high boots, what about everyone else’s? Leave me a comment below!


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