Fall Accessories

Accessories are what complete an outfit; without the even one piece an outfit can look very bare. This fall there was a plethora of different looks that were common to each other only in the sense that they had similar accessories. There was a number of different accessories, but I have picked the top three that almost everyone is into for the Fall season.


2nd-chokerI cannot even begin to describe to you the amount of girls who are rocking these in daily life. Whether it is paired with a business look, or even an urban look, the choker is such a versatile accessory. I personally have worn it when I went out clubbing, to fancy dinners, to work, and just casually too.  And the best part is that the choker I wore was the same for all events; it is quite honestly amazing. I am quite glad that they made a comeback as I can dig out all my emo style necklaces and chokers from 2004. Most common is a velvet one with a small stud in the middle. These can be found at practically any clothing store.

Punk fashion:

pins and badge trend.jpgChokers only add to the overall accessory trend that is so popular at the moment: punk fashion. People are pinning lightning bolts, kisses, hearts, poo emojis, you name it to their stylish bombers. Buttons and pins are back which again, is making my 14 year old self squeal. I am through the roof screaming in joy that I can dress like how Gerard Way looked back in 2005. Heavy chains, buttons multiple rings on one hand. It is a living dream of an accessory junkie like myself. Safety pin earring by Balenciaga, and safety pin necklaces by Celine are being worn by the most famous of celebrities. Anarchism is clearly underway.


Fur used to be seen as over the top and only worn by the fanciest and most bourgeoisie of people; now it is an everyday necessity for even the simplest of fashionistas. From floor length scarves, to furry purses you can accessorise any outfit in some furs. Fashion is now diverting from the traditional black and brown furs to experimenting with new and bold colours. I personally recommend throwing a white fur scarf over a single colour turtle neck, but hey, be as creative as you like with your furs! furs

Those are the top three accessories I see on most women on the daily. Have I missed anything? Leave me a comment below!



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