Fashions From Around the World

The world is filled with so many different people and stylists that many times they blend together to create a look that is reflective of the geographical area.  When you look at fashion from around the world, everything is similar, but not the exactly same. a leather jacket may be trending, but it may vary in style and cut indifferent parts of the world. Each area has its own unique blend of creative and classical looks that mesh together. A lot of countries will even add in a bit of traditional looks into their styles. I want to talk about three of the countries that have heavily influenced me and my overall look; it shaped who I am and what my style is about.DSC00226.JPG


One of the most recent trips and additions to my lifestyle fashion wise, the Paris look blew me away with how edgy it is compared to the softness of other Euro fashion. Everything is high end; you can’t walk down the street without seeing someone decked out head to toe in designer brands. It is one of the Fashion capitals of the world and it definitely lives up to its name. When I visited Paris back in September people were dressed as if they had walked out of a fashion magazine. I became aware of how popular the long blazer really was here. Knee length blazers or coats with a short skirt underneath were a popular trend. So were the large amounts of denim most people were wearing. Both men and women had denim jackets, jeans, and shirts on. While I opted to keep my denim levels to a minimum, one thing I did notice that the trend was a fusion of classy with an edge. Girls would wear a hardcore bomber, but a soft button down underneath. And of course, thigh high boots are a given.


DSC00230.JPGOne of my guilty pleasures is Kpop. Its obnoxious, loud, fun to dance to, but most of all, brought to light fashion that you don’t typically see in Toronto. I had already seen designs that are being sold in stores now in kpop music videos 2 years ago. Seoul fashion is ahead of its time, and that is why I look at Kpop for inspiration. The fashion there varies; it can be edgy and over the top, or soft and sweet but still very chic. It takes trends that are popular in the western world and basically puts them on overdrive. I wore two different outfits for comparison; one edgy and one chic so people can have a sense of my style too.  One thing that is consistent is the layering. Every layer pops and adds to the outfit, but does not make it seem cluttered. Its different and unique and the look is one of my favourites to wear out.seoul.jpg





Tokyo fashion is my absolute obsession. I have copied looks from Tokyo since I was 16 and saw the Harajuku girls dancing with Gwen Stefani on my TV. I could never get over the bright colours, popping designs, big eyes, and overall hyper realism in the fashion. It’s like constantly being on an acid trip and looking cute at the same time. The Lolita style is most popular for its extremely girly and childish looks. One of the most popular among girls is the school girl look. Pleated skirts and ruffle tops with thigh high socks and loafers. Though I have toned down my Lolita look as I got older, it is still a cute look to do when walking through Pacific mall and you want to fit in.DSC00231.JPG

Now you all know where the Bollywood Barbie gets her looks from. So what styles and looks have influenced you over the years?



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