Men’s Fashion

As much as I love playing dress up and looking good in the latest outfits, I wanted to take a step back from women’s fashion and focus on what men wear. As much as I love women’s fashion, men’s is much more simplistic which I adore. They can make a T-shirt and jeans look effortless and easy to wear but also look so good in it too. Not to mention they never need to worry about makeup or what accessories match their outfits; most men has universal jewellery that can be pieced with any style from professional to casual. Every woman wants a well dressed man standing next to her so here are a few tips on how to help get your man to dress for the season (just better in general).

The everyday look:

img_2127Men want style and to look good be effortless. The basics are all they need and to be perfectly honest, it suits them. Solid colours, paired with some worn out jeans and a long t shirt can attract any girl to him. Sneakers are a staple for every man; they do not need to suffer in heels like us women do. They way to make casual more sleek however, is to add a jacket that will get the guy noticed. I spoke about bom
ber jackets in a previous post for my urban look; they are so trendy right now I am surprised not everyone owns on. If a guy does not prefer the bomber jacket, he can always wear a leather jacket to compliment his look. Leather looks not only make you look more edgy, they will compliment your body shape and overall look, especially if you are wearing fitted ripped jeans. This is even a look women can pull off if they want to.

The Urban look:IMG_2126.PNG

Street style is important to men; they want to look flawless and hip at the same time. While urban borders on the edge of everyday/casual looks, they are different in a small way. Urban is a look most popular in cities and with students. It takes what is popular on the runways and puts a street look onto it; it becomes more wearable. The most popular item for this season is the bomber jacket. It is currently getting all my love in these posts. It is the perfect jacket. A popular style of jeans are the moto style. Fitted or tight jeans with folded lines have become very popular in Europe and are slowly coming to Toronto. Pair it with a nice hat and some beaded bracelets and your outfit is set.

The professional look:

Every girl likes a man in a suit. A well fitted suit is pretty much lingerie for men. When picking a suit, this year’s colour is shades of blue, the most popular being navy. A fitted navy suit with deep red tie can not only look amazing when going to work or in an IMG_2129.PNGinterview, but will attract many girls to you. A navy suit can look good with either a plain top or a printed one underneath. Matched with a nice watch, the outfit is then complete.


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