Lazy Sundays

There are days when we just don’t want to do anything. We lounge around and binge watch Netflix and cry about how single we are (or is that just me?). Sometimes we just don’t want to dress up. Its ok. But then we get that one phone call from a friend who wants to come over and we have to somehow look presentable enough. Time to roll out of bed and look decent enough so your friends don’t think you’re a total degenerate.

img_5228A loose cardigan is the way to go if you want to be comfy and chic at the same time. Its perfect to throw on top of any outfit, especially on a cold fall day. Wool or cotton, a nice thickness is all you need. Pair it with a crop top and some comfy shorts and you will have a cute outfit in case you have a cute boy coming over for later.

DSC00174.JPGT-shirts are my life. The comfier the better. But if you’re going to entertain guests you don’t want to look like you just spent your entire life in the same gross t shirt. Try to find something both comfy and wearable (also clean!) and pair it with some cute leggings. Have fun with the colours, don’t get over think it. I personally prefer plunge neck t shirts that have a looser fit, so I can breathe and not get all sweaty in something that’s a little too tight. Even throw on some cute fuzzy socks and you can entertain guests while still looking cute and comfy.

DSC00222.JPGFlannels are a personal favourite of mine. You can dress them up or dress them down. When you have a cutie patootie coming over and you want to look like you didn’t try too hard to look cute (we all know you did) throw on a flannel with some baggy joggers. Your butt will look amaze and you’ll be super comfy for whatever you kids plan on doing. You can sit casually with the flannel on or even tie it around your waist if you feel more comfortable doing that.


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