2 Looks 1 person

My wardrobe is a mess of clothing. Between working full time and *attempting* to have some sort of social life I need to make sure I look good. And that can be hard when my professional style is very different from my casual style. I try to keep my colour scales similar so that my closet doesn’t look like a rainbow vomited in it. One thing in particular is that I love clothing that accentuates my long legs, so I try to find what works for me. I have two basic looks; my professional look which I use more often since I work the 9-5 grind. My other look is my weekend look which is much more urban. I value comfort while still being very trendy and young. The weekdays are the time to dress my age; weekends I can relive what it’s like to be 19 again.


I like to colour coordinate my looks. Even if my look is professional, I like to give it that pop of colour or pattern that makes it more me. The pieces that I buy are versatile and can be used for more than just one outfit too. If I am wearing a solid top then I will wear pants with patterns all over them. Accessorising is also very important. Just because you’re doing boring work, doesn’t mean you have to look the part. I normally wear a plain leather watch with a beaded bracelet for a little flair. Chunky jewellery works as well. A statement necklace looks great on a plain top so you can get creative on what you want your look to be.


My style outside of work is very different. I like to dress very urban and trendy; I want stand out rather than just blend in with the crowd. When I am not working that 9-5 grind I like to wear comfy but trendy clothes out with my friends. The bomber jacket is currently the must have item of the fall season so of course my closet had about 5 of them in various colours. My favourite is my green bomber with an orange lining. Its thick enough to wear on the coldest of nights with only a tiny crop top underneath. Ripped jeans and a pair of cute sneakers completes this outfit. It is simple yet chic, and makes me feel much younger than I really am (and trust me I am such an old lady).



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