Indian Fashion

Indian culture has played a huge role in my style. The colours, elaborate patterns, and chunky jewellery is a staple in my closet. I never leave my house without wearing at least 2 wrist accessories, a necklace, and some big earrings. I find it to be very different from western style. Since I wear Indian clothing on a monthly basis to weddings, cultural functions, and various parties (and oh man do we have a lot of those) I thought it fitting to talk about the current trends in Indian fashion.img_2025

Simplicity isn’t something I normally associate with Indian clothing. The common trend for many years was heavy bead work, chiffon, silk, and lots of mesh. However, since last year western born people of Indian descent like myself have been simplifying our looks. Recent trends have emerged with clothing being made of raw silks. Not only that, but the free flowing and pleated skirts are quite popular with the younger crowd at the moment.  Topped off with a bright blouse and plain scarf, this Lengha is exactly the look that young women are going for.


Its fall so that means the dark colours are in full swing. They compliment our skin tones to well that we just need an excuse to wear them. A new emerging trend is the dark colours with patterns. Either the blouse or skirt is covered in patterns while the other remains a solid colour. Comfort is always a big parimg_19942t of this look as well. Gone are the heavy stitch work and itchy sequins, and now designers have opted for patterned fabrics instead. Sleeves are usually of mid arm length for the fall and winter. Gone are the deep plunged neck lines but more subtle designs of open backs and buttons.

The most important person at any function is the bride. All eyes are on her and she needs to make sure they stay. Traditionally, women wore red on wedding days and heavy golden jewellery. Though women still opt for traditional red, some have been playing around with colours and designs because the red get boring and predictable. Hot pink is a colour that has been popular on the runway this season. Opting for the half sleeve since it is autumn after all, brighter colours such as pink, orange, and even royal purple have been worn at the morning traditional weddings. Switching out the heavy golden bridal necklaces for easy to wear pearls and lighter pieces have also been popular. In this season’s bridal look we can picture more practicality instead of uncomfortable and awkward looks.


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