The Fall Layered Look

Fall is now in full swing and we want to look the part. The summer pastels are gone and we are pulling out the grandpa sweaters. Comfortable warm clothing is now trending and girls are loving it. However it can still be tricky trying to layer up in the fall. Is it too warm to throw on a leather jacket or a bomber? Should I not wear tights or will I regret it later? Is my jacket too thick for the weather?

I’m here to give you a few tips and ideas for the confusing weather.img_2013

We don’t have to wave goodbye to the bright summer colours or florals just yet. Bright patterns are still in, but it’s how you wear them that is important. With the right layering a floral won’t make you look like someone who never wants summer to end (even though we all wish for that secretly). Pairing a floral shirt with a solid color jacket and pant will make you still stand out and be bold on a cold day.




Something that I absolutely adore are high boots. You can’t wear them in the summer since its too hot and last thing we want to do is ruin them in the slush of winter and spring. So fall is the perfect season to pull out the suede and work them boots. Paired with a cute pleated or A-line skirt these shoes are simply a must have for the fall season. Bought in a boutique in Paris this look is very European and something you can wear to work or out with your friends. A long button down with a cardigan or sweater on top gives you a casual but classy look. Top off the outfit with a leather jacket and you have the perfect fall ensemble.


img_5196Most of us are on the go and don’t have time to match an outfit together. We get it. But you can still look cute while being casual. A trench coat is the perfect seasonal wear for fall. Whether it be professional or casual, you just can’t go wrong with it. Wear it over a knit sweater with some jeans and a pair of boots and you can get a simple but cute fall outfit.


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